Use the latest Hardware wherever you will best reach your Target Group.



Use the latest Hardware wherever you will best reach your Target Group.

Indoor, outdoor and interactive

No matter in what environment, with Digital Signage, you show the right content to your customers or employees at the point of information, shop, shop window or external advertising – always at the right time. netscreens offers professional hardware of well-known manufacturers with long-term service for project-related consulting. Through our know-how, you don’t only ensure the best possible availability and impact, but also an adequate return on investment.
Digital Signage Displays für jeden Einsatzzweck

Unlimited possibilities

In digital signage, the hardware usually should hold back, because „content is king“. However, the selection of the right device combination can also be decisive for the success of a project. There are infinitely many combinations of different display technologies, attachment types and technology connections, so that their planning has to be thought through individually for each project. netscreens supports you here with up-to-date knowledge about the latest available technologies on the market. You will receive from us displays and steles from Samsung, LG, iyama and Finlux, PC hardware from Intel, as well as holders from Infos, Hagor and Vogels.

Einfache Redaktionssytemsteuerung – entspannt zurücklehnen

Plug & play with system-on-chip

netscreens is Samsung’s software partner for the system-on-chip solutions of this display manufacturer. This means your screens already have built-in player hardware. Thus you only have to connect the display to the Internet and you are ready to go. No cumbersome wiring, no mounting of an external PC and no additional power supply. And above all: the simplest maintenance.

We create great design

System-oriented selection

Communicate your message crystal-clear, distraction-free and attention-grabbing to your target group. netscreens supports you in the proper selection of your hardware. Not only in terms of size, placement and light conditions, but also in terms of the necessary screen resolution and optimization of your content on the respective hardware and the location.

Selection of available monitor sizes

Vergleichsgrafik Monitorgroessen Querformat

Landscape Format

Vergleichsgrafik Monitorgroessen Hochformat

Portrait Format

Viewing distance in relation to monitor size

We have the right formats for your particular communication destination.

On the chart nearby, you can see the proportions of a selection of available screen sizes between 10 and 85 inches to a human. An important factor in the decision of the right format and the necessary screen resolution is – in addition to the space conditions on the site – the anticipated viewing distance to the audience. Thus, a 42-inch screen with 4K resolution makes little sense when the average viewing distance is e.g. two meters. The viewer could not see any difference to the HD resolution. Our experts are always at your disposal for information on this subject.

Schaubild: Sichtabstand zu Monitorgroesse
Gute Dienstleistung für Ihr Geld

Fair financing

In addition to purchasing your hardware for your digital signage solution, we also offer leasing models depending on the system. Combined with a flat rate for the software netscreens DS you have full cost control and absolute planning security.

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