The future is now

Save yourself expensive, unmanageable or sedate Information Displays. With Digital Signage you will count on remarkable Communication 2.0.

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The future is now

Save yourself expensive, unmanageable or sedate Information Displays. With Digital Signage you will count on remarkable Communication 2.0.

Made in Germany Logo

Sophisticated content management meets Marketing 2.0

netscreens DS offers you a very comfortable and functional solution for all marketing needs. What’s special about netscreens DS: the software is based on your workflow. From central management to the creation of individual screen content, you can quickly find your way around all your campaigns. State-of-the-art monitoring and tracking tools help you to constantly increase the success of your digital signage campaigns. netscreens DS is subsidiary-capable. This allows you to use modern digital signage not only for your individual house, but for your entire branch and franchise network.

Standortbezogene Content-Zuteilung
Inhalte entsprechend Ihres Corporate Designs

CI-compliant corporate image

No compromises in corporate design:

You can create your screen content dynamically and freely. Templates optimized with netscreens for digital signage assure your CI-compliant corporate appearance – across all levels of your DS solution. Because individual contents, as it’s often the case in individual houses of franchise systems, can be adjusted – under the respective conditions of your CI.

User-friendly data entry

Simplify your content generation:

You do not want to enter your prices and products manually? No problem: netscreens DS simplifies your content generation via data import from your merchandise management system. This allows you to retrieve or update your data almost at the touch of a button to create weekly changing offers. This is even possible for your entire branch network.

Schnelle und einfache Dateineingabe für mehr Anwenderfreundlichkeit

Infotainment and Entertainment




Weather Forecast

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The netscreens DS Content Flatrate contains dozens of dynamic templates with which you can embed your own messages into an editorial high-quality environment, which is always up-to-date without your intervention. Below are some examples from this content category.

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  1. Headline News
  2. Celebrity News
  3. Business News
  4. Soccer News
  5. and much more...
  1. Regional Weather
  2. Weather in Germany
  3. Pollen count
  4. Medical Weather
  1. Picture of the Day
  2. Adage of the Day
  3. Cartoon of the week
  4. Horoscope
  5. and much more...

netscreens DS Content Flatrate

Tagesschau- und Wetter-Template

Target group oriented Infotainment

Entertain and inform your target audience:

From business and daily news to weather forecasts to cartoons – you can integrate high-quality editorial content into your digital signage system. With netscreens DS you do not have to pay extra for the individual input. Based on the content flat rate, you can choose from over a dozen interesting infotainment channels. In this way, you can enrich your own content with editorial and up-to-date content, which helps to shorten your viewers‘ waiting times and keep the content interesting for recurring viewers.

Attractive advertisements

Open up new sources of revenue or expand your network

As a purchasing cooperative, association and franchisor, netscreens DS offers you a very special advertising platform: you sell automobile accessories and run numerous branches throughout Germany? Offer the screens to your branches as an advertising platform for products around the car. The necessary technology is already included in your netscreens DS. Or you run a single shop or some branch offices? Through the netscreens DS AdCommunity, you are given the opportunity to exchange advertising with advertising – in an environment of your choice!

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