Digitale Sichtwahl

Digitale Sichtwahl

The virtual, interactive product display
for more flexibility in your pharmacy.

Digitale Sichtwahl

Digitale Sichtwahl

The virtual, interactive product display
for more flexibility in your pharmacy.

Referenzbild: Apotheke mit DSW

Digital Shop Shelves

Optimize the processes in your pharmacy and benefit from numerous advantages – with new ADG vplus digital shop shelf. The system was exclusively developed by netscreens for the ADG, a market leader in the area of ERP solutions for pharmacies. The digital shop shelf was first presented on the Expopharm 2016.

The Digital Shop Shelf consists of two to eight large-format touch screens in portrait format. It presents products sorted by indicative areas – similar to the analogue viewing shelves – and provides pharmacists numerous options for customer advisory service and process optimization.

Optimized UI Touch Disk

Digital shop shelves – more convenient and faster selling

The advantages of the digital system are obvious: on the one hand the regular filling and cleaning of the shelves are eliminated, on the other hand it can be flexibly adapted to the needs of your customers without having to change the consultancy space. With one click, each shelf can be accessed on any screen.

By directly connecting the ADG vplus digital shop shelf to the ADGRAYCE T cash register system, all information relevant to the consultation is displayed on the large screens: from the current price, via instruction leaflets and large and spatially rotatable pack illustrations, to important information for pharmacists such as PZN, alternative Package sizes and current stock. This makes the consultation much easier.

Thanks to the patented, optimized for finger operation touch disc user interface, the system is intuitive and easy to use. All options are just one finger touch away.


Simplified procedures due to networked systems

In comparison with the goods management systems of competitors, whose systems only communicate with a commissioning system and simply inform about the stock in the vending machine, our key feature is the connection to the ADG management systems S3000 and A3000.

This means that all information from the goods management system is also available in the ADG vplus – Digital Visual Selection and can be changed centrally. If there is interest for a product, the outsourcing can be done either through one of the cash desks or directly on the touchscreen. This will save you from scanning the products at the cash desk as well as restoring goods that the customer might not want to buy in the end.

Virtual product shelves with great potential

Are you using a third-party ERP system?
No problem – the ADG vplus – Digital Shop Shelf can also be used in conjunction with all pharmacy picking machines available on the German market. Connected to an order-picking machine, you benefit from numerous advantages in your process chain.

Referenzbild: Apotheke mit DSW

Simply fill the shelves with a mouse click

ADG’s digital shaves use the same proven editorial system as the ADG vplus Pharmacy TV System. No further system has to be learned and the filling of the shelves is quick and easy.

Special advantage: In the ADG vplus digital visual selection, the shelves can be created and modified in the backoffice without disrupting the current operation in the pharmacy.

Plenty of choice with the digital shelf

We will be pleased to assist you with the mounting of your digital shelves.
The system provides you with a constantly updated and seasonally adapted library with prepared shelves, so-called „digital planograms“. These can be used as a basis and can be adapted to your individual needs. Some shelves are also provided by cooperation partners and the industry. This saves further time and allows you to optimize your viewpoint according to regional and structural aspects.

Digitale Freiwahl

The modern Way of Self-service

In addition to the digital point of view, we introduced the first digital shelves for the self-service area at the expopharm 2017: the ADG vplus – Digital Free Selection. By using a „touch function“, customers can independently inform themselves about the displayed products and place them in a digital shopping cart. Thanks to the intuitive usability, this is very easy. The chosen product is paid and picked up at the cash desk. This saves not only the pharmacist’s time but also customer’s time.

Benefit from the profitable advantages of the ADG’s digital shelf and digital free choice, and take advantage of the time gained for more important tasks.

We will assist you in a personal conversation.

Answers questions about choosing a digital point of view you like to your ADG Office. Simply type in your zip code and the system is called your representative at the Office nearest you at lightning speed. We are looking forward to your message.

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