Partner werden

Successful together in the growing
market of digital signage

Become part of the netscreens partner network and implement DS projects together professionally for your customers.

Partner werden

Successful together in the growing
market of digital signage

Become part of the netscreens partner network and implement DS projects together professionally for your customers.

netscreens Kooperationspartner

You want to offer your customers professional digital signage solutions?

Then you have come in the right place as a netscreens reseller or cooperation partner!

netscreens offers digital signage solutions for customers from a wide range of sectors, from a small retail store through doctor’s waiting rooms to internationally operating companies with thousands of branches. This provides you with a suitable DS solution from the netscreens portfolio for all your customers. We are also open for special requests or adjustments: from the package product, which you can sell to your customers as a reseller without special DS knowledge, to the consulting-intensive and scalable solution – netscreens has the right solution for the DS problem of your customers.

Working on the future together,

Reseller for netscreens DS package products

The easy-to-sell DS solution for many target groups

As a reseller you act as an agent for netscreens DS products. The customer signs a contract with netscreens and you get an attractive commission for the mediation. You will receive the necessary expertise for the distribution of these products in an intensive training which is free of charge for you. Materials such as flyers, presentations and test accesses for demonstrations can be obtained from netscreens.
meinApothekenTV Logo

meinApothekenTV for pharmacies with numerous unique features compared with the competition. netscreens is the market leader for installed basis in this sector.

meinShopTV Logo

meinShopTV for the retail and gastronomy sectors. The ideal product for price communication with infotainment components for fast food restaurants or fashion shops.

meinWartezimmerTV Logo

meinWartezimmerTV for medical practices, medical centers and clinics. The ideal entertainment and information medium for waiting rooms in the health care sector.

meinInfoTV Logo

meinInfoTV for use in company foyers, hairdressing salons, canteens and waiting zones. The customized product to inform your employees or customers in the foyer.

Logo netscreens Reseller

Who is suitable as a reseller for netscreens DS package products?

Basically, any company which has customers from the fields of the target groups mentioned above, can offer netscreens DS as an additional offer to its portfolio. Of course, you are especially suited, if you already support customers of the IT or marketing sectors. Do you have any questions about the netscreens DS package products? Use the form below or contact our Partner Manager Mr. Winkler via email to

netscreens DS project partners

The solution for ambitious DS projects

Your customers need a more complex DS solution for multiple locations, or even multiple channels at one location? Then, netscreens DS is the ideal solution for your customers. As a project partner or cooperation partner, netscreens provides you the necessary technical platform and knowledge. This partnership is determined to be in accordance with the requirements of the parties and will be fixed contractually.
Generally you will receive a percentage share of all netscreens DS software and service sales your customer generates.
Many of our partners use netscreens DS as white label software. In other words, netscreens will take a backseat to let your company go first, so your customers will associate your brand with the DS solution.
The login and the operator masks of the online content management system are provided with your logo and the portal is available at a (sub) domain with your company name or product name.
The netscreens DS products can be combined with your own solutions or services, which provides you competitive advantages. So you can extend your product portfolio or existing products easily with low personnel deployment and costs. Examples are the software house for merchandise management systems, which offers netscreens DS as an extension in the direction of POS marketing, the cash register manufacturer, who uses netscreens DS as an advertising solution integrated in its displays into cash register or balance or the real estate software specialist who provides its customers offers its own solution for real estate advertising on LCD displays by using netscreens DS.
netscreens Projektpartner
netscreens Partner Logo

For whom is the netscreens DS project partner program?

Primarily for companies in the IT environment, who offer their customers software or hardware and want to expand their portfolio with a powerful and low-maintenance DS solution. Your customers should come from the trading sector, banking / insurance, public institutions or the health sector. We have successfully adapted solutions for all these industries. If you wish to offer a professional and adaptable DS software, netscreens DS is the preferred digital signage solution for consultants or agencies, who advise customers from the industries mentioned.

Become a partner

Do you have questions about netscreens DS project partner program? In the form below briefly describe, what you plan or contact directly and without any obligation on our Partner Manager Mr. Winkler via email to If necessary, we will sign also an NDA before the start of the talks.

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Downloads for our partners

Using the downloads button on the right, you will reach our download page for our cooperation partners. There we provide files and software exclusively for our partners. These files are not open to the public. A password for downloads on this site is available on request via email to out netscreens support.


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